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Obzor - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Obzor - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Obzor - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Obzor is a small town of 2000 people situated 62 km south of Varna and 70 km north of Bourgas, the resort has the longest beach of Black Sea resorts – 6 km. A few km to the south is where the Balkan Mountain ends into the sea – Cape Emine. During mediaeval times there was a fortress on the cape called Emona; the rocks were a home for many monks-recluses and there are a lot of chapels and small monasteries in the region. The town is rich in cultural relics from the past; the Thracians were the first people to inhabit the region. Homer writes about the people who used to live near Cape Emine in Iliad, the first work of European literature. According to the ancient Greek poem, a village close to Cape Emine was the home place of the Thracian King Rez, killed by Odyssey and Diomedes. The name of the town at that time was Heliopolis – town of the sun. Later in history, the town was conquered by the Roman Empire, I century BC. The Romans renamed the town to Teopolis (city of God) and build a temple of Jupiter, remains of which can still be seen in Obzor. For having the longest beach on the Black Sea coast, Obzor is surprisingly calm and quiet resort, it is very different from the crowded destinations like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Not intrusively luxurious, it attracts people who are looking for coziness. The climate conditions are great; temperature averages 31 C in July, while the water ranges from 20 to 25 C for more than 5 months. Obzor is fully equipped for recreation, there spa centers offering different relaxation services. For the people who prefer to enjoy an active day out, there are conditions for bicycling, beach volleyball, soccer, mini golf and, of course, the whole range of water sports: water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc. There are high-end restaurants and deluxe accommodations in the resort, to fully complete the natural conditions and turn the place in paradise on the earth.

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