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Bulgarian National Sports Academy - Vasil Levski
National Sports Academy - Vassil Levski - Sofia
Bulgarian National Sports Academy - Vasil Levski

The National Sports Academy has 42 Olympic titles, 150 silver and bronze Olympic medals, 90 world champion titles, 120 silver and bronze medals from world championships, which are won by the university’s graduates.

1942 – His Majesty King Boris III founds with a decree the Higher school for physical education
1953 – The Council of ministers approves with a decree the name Higher institute for physical education and sport
1967 – The Sport-pedagogical faculty and the Faculty for mass health and healing physical culture are differentiated
1973 – The Scientific council of Theory and methods of the physical education and sports training (including methods of remedial gym) is founded. It awards the scientific degrees Doctor and Doctor of science, approbates the attainment of academic ranks
1974 – The specialized training for highly qualified sportsmen is introduced
1991 – The Linguistic center for language preparation of foreign students and post-graduate students is founded
1995 – With a resolution of the National Assembly the Higher institute for physical education and sport is renamed in National sports academy. A new, modern school building is opened
1999 - With a resolution of the National Assembly the name National sports academy “Vasil Levski” is legalized


Departments: Theory of sport training, Wrestling and Judo, Technical and ice sports, History and management of sport, Football and tennis, Heavy athletics, boxing, fencing and sport for all; Physiology and biochemistry


Departments: Anatomy and biomechanics; Basketball, volley-ball, handball; Track-and-field athletics; Psychology, pedagogics and sociology; Theory of the physical education


Departments: TM of the kinesitherapy, Kinesitherapy and rehabilitation, Gymnastics TAO and skis, Aquatic sports, Sports medicine

University website: National Sports Academy - Vassil Levski

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