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Maliovitsa - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Maliovitsa - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information
Maliovitsa - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Maliovitsa Peak is situated in north-west Rila Mountain, 2729 m above sea level. The ski resort named after the peak is right beneath it and is one of the most popular winter tourist destinations in Bulgaria. Skiing is very well developed, and so is alpinism. The highest and the most difficult alpine paths are in Maliovitsa. The resort is 40 km away from Borovets – the biggest Bulgarian ski resort, 27 km from Samokov and 92 km from the capital Sofia. The nearest settlement to the ski center is the village Govedarci – 13 km.

Maliovitsa has several ski tracks with total length of 4 km. The longest one is Uleya – 1200 m. Other popular ones are Ruzhdavitsa and Mecha Polyana. 3 hours by walk from Maliovitsa is situated one of the most picturesque mountain lakes on the Balkans – Strashnoto Lake (The Scary Lake). The resort is also very close to Rila Monstery – Bulgaria’s biggest sanctuary, and the Seven Rila Lakes. There are newly built hotels and restaurants in Maliovitsa but compared to the other winter resorts, Maliovitsa does not offer as much accommodation.

Maliovitsa is the cradle of Bulgarian alpinism and rock climbing. It is the most popular destination in Bulgaria for these extreme sports. The most famous rock-climbing walls are Zliya Zab, Iglata, Ushite, Diyavoski Igli, Dvuglav, etc. The only mountain sports school on the Balkan Peninsula is in Maliovitsa. It is named after the first Bulgarian to climb Mount Everest – Hristo Prodanov. The school produces trained specialists in alpinism, instructors for alpinism, ski instructors, etc.

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