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Major Bulgarian Cities - City and District Information
Blagoevgrad - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Blagoevgrad

Blagoevgrad district is located in the south-west part of Bulgaria. It is borderedb by Smolyan, Pazardjik, Sofia District and Kystendil district. The south and the west borders of the region are Greece and Macedonia respectively. It is the third largest in Bulgaria after Burgas and Sofia districts and comprises 5.8 % of the country's territory. The region includes the mountains, or parts of, Rila (highest point on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala summit, 2925 m), Pirin, Ograzhden, Vlahinska, [Detailed Information]

Bourgas - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Bourgas

The Bourgas region is one of the most developed regions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the second largest in area (next to the Sofia region) and the fourth most populated region of the country. It is bordered by Varna, Shoumen, Sliven and Yambol districts. Bourgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, situated in the south-eastern part of the country. The climate here is temperately continental with a distinct impact from the Black Sea. The town is an industrial centre too. It's not [Detailed Information]

Dobrich - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Dobrich

Dobrich district is situated in the north-east part of Bulgaria: the Danube Plain and Dobrudja. It borders with Varna, Shumen and Silistra districts. There is a direct connection to Romania (Danube River) and Black Sea. The Dobrich-Town municipality is located in the Dobrich district, which consists of eight municipalities: Dobrich-Town, Dobrich-Region, Balchik, Shabla, Kavarna, Tervel, General Toshevo and Kroushari. The municipality is situated in the Danube Hilly Plain upon the Dobrudja [Detailed Information]

Gabrovo - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Gabrovo

The town of Gabrovo is situated in Northern Bulgaria, along the River Yantra, in the north Sredna Stara Planina Mountain spur, 392 m above sea-level. Gabrovo is 220 km north-east from the city of Sofia. In the immediate vicinity of Gabrovo is the geographical centre of Bulgaria. Because of its locality the town is a busy road junction. There are a lot of roads leading from Gabrovo to the other towns and municipalities in Northern and Southern Bulgaria. The district is bordered by Veliko [Detailed Information]

Haskovo - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Haskovo

Haskovo municipality is located in the central part of Southern Bulgaria and occupies the most western part of Haskovo county. It is located on a territory of 737 square meters, which is 13% of the territory of Haskovo county. The municipality includes the town of Haskovo and 35 villages. Its geographic location is extremely favorable and important. Three European transport corridors are passing through it: No 4 (Central Europe - Romania - Sofia - Pazardjik - Haskovo - Turkey - Asia); No 8 [Detailed Information]

Kardjali - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Kardjali

Kardjali is located in the very heart of the eastern Rhodope mountain, along the two banks of the Arda river, 100 km southeast of Plovdiv. It is bordered by Plovdiv, Smolyan and Haskovo districts, and with Greece to the south. European transport corridor No 9 passes through the region: Russia - Moldova - Romania - Rousse - Veliko Turnovo - Stara Zagora - Haskovo - Kardjali - Greece. Kardjali is one of the least populated districts - 50 people per square km. In terms of the age of the [Detailed Information]

Kyustendil - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Kyustendil

Kyustendil district is located in south-west Bulgaria. It is bordered by Sofia, Pernik and Blagoevgrad districts. To the west, it is a national border with Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Kyustendil is situated in the southern part of the Kyustendil Valley, 90 km south-west of Sofia. European transport corridors number 4 (Vidin – Sofia – Kulata) and number 8 (Gueshevo – Sofia – Bourgas) are passing through the district. The relief is a mix of mountains and hollows. This geographic [Detailed Information]

Lovech - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Lovech

Lovech is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Its territory and surroundings have been inhabited ever since the remote past, a prerequisite for which is the favorable geographic situation between the mountain and the plain. Lovech is bordered by Pleven, Vratza, Sofia, Plovdiv, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo districts Remains of the Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age, the Bronze and the Iron epoch have been found in the caves Tabashka and Vasil Levski in the town of Lovech. There is a lot of evidence [Detailed Information]

Montana - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Montana

Montana region is located in north-west Bulgaria. It is bordered by 3 other regions - Vratza, Sofia and Vidin. The region is not very well developed economically but the geographical location gives it certain advantages compared to the other regions. It is a crossroad for two European transport corridors - No 4 (connection with Western Europe), and No 7 (Danube river). The north border of the district, Danube River, allows direct connection with Romania. The port of Lom is the second biggest [Detailed Information]

Pazardjik - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Pazardjik

Municipality of Pazardjik is situated in South Bulgaria, in the central part of the Higher Thrace valley, on the north of the Rhodope Mountain, at the two banks of river Maritsa. The municipality borders on seven municipalities of district Pazardjik, including: municipality Strelcha, Panagyurishte, Lesichevo, Septemvri, Rakitovo, Peshtera and Bratsigovo; also on four municipalities from Plovdiv district - Saedinenie, Stamboliyski, Maritsa, Rhodopi. The region has a strategic location because [Detailed Information]

Pernik - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Pernik

The district of Pernik is located in Middle West Bulgaria. It is bordered by Sofia, Sofia city, Kyustendil district and Serbia to the west. The town of Pernik is situated in a picturesque hollow in the western part of Middle Bulgaria. The total area of the hollow field is about 157 sq. km; it is 22 km long, extending in the southeast- northwest direction. Its narrowest part is about 4 km long. The hollow is between 700 and 850 m above the sea level. It is surrounded by the mountains of Golo [Detailed Information]

Pleven - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Pleven

Pleven is located in the very heart of Miziya, in the agricultural region, surrounded by low limestone hills. It is bordered by Vratza, Lovech and Veliko Tarnovo. To the north Pleven district borders Danube River, which is also European transport corridor number 4. This central location in Northern Bulgaria defines Pleven’s importance as a big administrative, economic, political, cultural and transport centre. The town is located 170 km from the capital town of Sofia, at 320 km from the Black [Detailed Information]

Plovdiv - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the city is contemporary of Troy. Homer, Herodotus and other ancient authors describe the life, traditions and the rich culture of the Thracians, who are the oldest population in the Balkan Peninsula. Many ancient authors speak highly of the Thrace's wine and honey. The gold and silverware and jewelry found show an exceptional skill and high artistic taste. The Thracians have been brave and freedom-loving people. Spartacus, the leader of the [Detailed Information]

Razgrad - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Razgrad

Razgrad municipality is situated along the valley of the Beli Lom River in the direction southeast - northwest, 60 km away from Rousse, 130 km away from Varna, 55 km away from Shoumen and 36 km away from Targovishte. The district borders Rousse, Targovishte, Shoumen and Silistra regions. Razgrad has for many centuries been a natural crossroads, crossed by important road arteries, connecting Central Europe with the Black Sea region and Asia. The first class road Rousse - Varna and a railway [Detailed Information]

Rousse - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Rousse

Rousse is the largest Bulgarian city on Danube River. It is situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, 300 km far from the national’s capital Sofia. Rousse’s rich historical past shows that the Danube River was the basis of existence. From it’s foundation up to now, in spite of the names the town had through 19 centuries, it was a Danube harbor. Rousse borders Silistra, Targovishte, Veliko Turnovo and Razgrad districts. The location of the city is one of its biggest advantages – 2 [Detailed Information]

Shumen - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Shumen

The Municipality of Shumen is situated in the central part of Northeastern Bulgaria. The town is an administrative center of the Shumen region. The Municipality is the tenth largest Bulgarian municipality. It is located in the central part of northeast Bulgaria on the main roadways Sofia-Varna and Ruse-Burgas-Istanbul. The municipality’s terrain is comparatively various with hills, plateaus and plains. The territory of the municipality is characterized by a typical continental climate. [Detailed Information]

Silistra - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Silistra

Silistra is a lovely, tranquil and picturesque city on the bank terraces where the river leaves Bulgarian territory. The hills afford a lovely view of the city, the river with the islands, the Romanian bank across and the vast Wallachian plain beyond. This small area is a horn of plenty. It is Bulgaria's biggest apricot orchard. The warm current along the river creates a microclimate owing to which cherries ripen earlier than in Plovdiv or Petrich, a town in the south. Silistra borders Rousse, [Detailed Information]

Sliven - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Sliven

Sliven district is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria It borders Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte, Shoumen, Bourgas, Yambol and Stara Zagora districts. Sliven is a little south of Stara Planina and not far away from Black Sea. The district has only 4 municipalities – Sliven, Kotel, Nova Zagora and Tvarditsa. Sliven is 300 km away from the capital Sofia, the closest airport and the closest harbor are in Bourgas – 110 km, the Greek and Turkish borders are 130 km away. The town is [Detailed Information]

Smolyan - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Smolyan

The Smolyan municipality is situated in the central part of the Rhodope Mountains upon a territory of 879 sq. m, 67% of which are covered with age-old coniferous forests. The district is bordered by Plovdiv, Kardjali, Pazardjik and Blagoevgrad regions; and with Greece to the south. The Town of Smolyan (altitude above sea level between 800 and 1000 m) occupies the larger part of the valley extension of the Cherna River, known as the Smolyan Hollow. The town is surrounded with green meadows and [Detailed Information]

Sofia - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Sofia

Sofia is the biggest and the most developed city and district in Bulgaria. Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. It has been given several names in the course of history and the remnants of the old cities can still be seen today. Serdika was the name of the central dwelling of the ancient Thracian tribe known as Serdi. It bore that name when it became part of the Bulgarian state at the beginning of the ninth century and was soon recognized as one of the [Detailed Information]

Sofia District - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Sofia District

Sofia district is unique district for Bulgaria. It is the only region that does not have a major city, but includes many small, but important towns situated around Sofia city. There are 22 municipalities in Sofia region. The district borders Montana, Vratza, Lovech, Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik and Sofia city districts. The region has varied relief; it includes mountains, kettles, plains and hills. Many rivers pass through the district. The most notable are Iskur - the [Detailed Information]

Stara Zagora - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Stara Zagora

The location of the Stara Zagora Region is a major advantage to trade with transportation routes providing easy access to Sofia in the west (230 km); Bourgas' Black Sea Port in the east (180 km); Rousse's Danube Port at the Romanian Border in the north (235 km); and the Greek Port Alexandrupolis, in the south (300 km). Stara Zagora serves as the central hub of an efficient train system connecting the Region with all Bulgarian cities as well as cities in Eastern and Western Europe. The [Detailed Information]

Targovishte - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Targovishte

The town of Targovishte is a regional and municipal center in the south-east of Bulgaria. It is situated in the fertile and picturesque Danube plain. It is bordered by Veliko Turnovo, Rousse, Razgrad, Shumen, ans Sliven regions. The territory of Targovishte municipality is 69 159 ha, which represents 0.62% of the territory of the country. The city is near to the country border points of Varna (110 km. far) and Rousse (100km. far) and that fact makes it a natural strategic crossroad. The link [Detailed Information]

Varna - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Varna

The biggest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Varna is situated 470 km east of Sofia. In the course of more than 7 millennia, the Gulf of Varna has been the cradle of several significant civilizations - humankind's oldest gold was excavated in Varna, created by people who inhabited that place around the 4th millennium BC and long before the Thracians, Greeks, Bulgarians and Turks. The third largest city, Varna, after Sofia and Plovdiv is Bulgaria's most animated metropolis and it rivals [Detailed Information]

Veliko Tarnovo - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns. The picturesque situation and panoramic view of the town, its rich cultural and historical heritage wins Veliko Tarnovo the recognition as a historical, cultural and tourist center of contemporary Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo borders Targovishte, Rousse, Pleven, Lovech, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora and Sliven districts. It also has access to Danube River through its north border. The district, located in the middle of North Bulgaria, has 2 [Detailed Information]

Vidin - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Vidin

Vidin district is located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria and covers a territory of 3,022 square kilometers, which is 2.7% of the country’s total. To the north it borders the Danube and is naturally connected to Romania and the other Danubian countries. To the west its border (Timok River) tallies with the Bulgarian - Serbian boundary. To the east it neighbors the Montana district and to the south it is surrounded by the Balkan Mountains. Vidin is located in the lowest terrace of the [Detailed Information]

Vratza - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Vratza

Vratza district is located in north-west Bulgaria, the city itself is in foothills of Vrachanski Balkan, only 115 km from the capital – Sofia. Vratza is bordered by four other districts – Pleven, Lovech, Monatana and Sofia. The north frontier of the region is Danube River, which creates natural conditions for direct connection with Romania. The region is a crossroad for two European transport corridors - №4 (connection with Western Europe), and №7 (Danube river). The population of [Detailed Information]

Yambol - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria Yambol

Yambol district is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria. The Middle parts of Tundja valley spread over the most of the region. It is bordered by four other districts – Bourgas, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, and Sliven district. The hilly plain relief predominates - 100 - 150m above the sea level. The North areas of Tundja valley are characterized by trans-continental climate while the south parts have typical continental - Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperatures are 12-12,50 [Detailed Information]

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