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Ivet Lalova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria
Ivet Lalova - Famous Bulgarians Information
Ivet Lalova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria

Ivet Lalova is the fastest white woman on the planet. She was born on May 18, 1984 in a sports family. Her father was one of Bulgaria's fastest sprinters and he mother was also an athlete. In her career Ivet Lalova has 50 medals: 30 gold ones and 10 silvers, all of them are on 60, 100, and 200 m individual sprints. In 2003 she is rewarded "The most prospective sports person" by the foundation "Bulgarian Sport". In 2004 she is given a reward for breaking into the worldпїЅs elite. Ivet Lalova was also chosen Bulgaria's Best Athlete in 2004 and 2005. Other big achievements are gold medals from European championships in 100 and 200 m in 2003, as well as a gold medal in 2005 in the indoor European Championship in Madrid.

At her very early age, Ivet Lalova was interested in ballet, swimming and sports gymnastics, but after a little bit she decides to try athletics for it was the most popular topic at her home. The coaches immediately noticed how talented the girl was, even at such early age. Being training for just four years, she becomes Bulgarian national champion in the year 2000 in 60 m flat. Only a year after that she makes herself known on the European scene. Ivet Lalova picks up speed and starts winning competition after competition and breaking record after record. Some of the most prominent ones are her gold medals in 60, 100 and 200 m in the national tournament where she runs with a splint on her arm, in spite of the doctors' prohibition. After winning a couple of European gold medals, in 2004 she runs 100 m for 10.77 sec to become fastest white woman on the planet. This result is the 6 th best run in the world of all time. In the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, at the age of 20, she goes through the finals in 100 and 200 m to finish in fourth and fifth place respectively. On top of everything, Ivet Lalova is very beautiful and the cameral really start to love her and give her TV time as much as possible. She is chosen "Miss Charm" for the Olympic Games in Athens by internet inquiry.

The worst thing happens in 2005, just before the world tournament. On June 14, 2005, Ivet Lalova broke her thigh, which puts her out of the sport for more than two years. The predictions are that she would never be able to run professionally after such a huge injury. The fact that she returned is precedent in the world of athletics. Not only did she come back, but Ivet Lalova also won her first competition after the injury. One thing is for sure, Ivet Lalova's best years are yet to come.

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