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Bulgarian Company Registration Service

Services Summary

Invest Bulgaria offers professional assistance to foreign investors planning to establish or expand business operations in Bulgaria. We provide all information, support services and on-the-ground assistance that businesses require for their projects from inception to completion.


We Save Investors Money!
Let us be honest. Moving to any new place is difficult and Bulgaria sometimes is not the most straightforward place to settle into. The different culture, lifestyle, and language make the first few weeks a little daunting for most people new to town. We are here to help with this!

Obviously, chances are that newcomers to the market risk overpaying for many assets and services out there simply because of their limited knowledge of the Bulgarian market. Imagine that you hold an offer from a local constructor for a certain project with a price tag of Euro 100,000. Chances are that we will find another contractor to do that same job for about 85,000-80,000 (at least 15% savings), without compromising quality at all. Providing such value to our customers is our top priority and this is why be believe that our charges are more than justified.


We Save Investors Time!
Your time is a valuable asset and we do our best to save as much of it as possible. It is true, in most cases business leaders are extremely busy maintaining their current operations outside Bulgaria. It is very often the case that it is not cost that is an issues but it is time that they can not spare. This is when we would move in and save a great deal of it. For example, if you have a project in development (like a modernization of an office in Bulgaria) you do not need to be here all the time to oversee its progress but trust us to manage its implementation on your behalf. We would constantly stay in touch with you and provide daily progress reports on current developments.

Bulgarian Company Registration Service

Bulgarian Company Registration Service

Invest Bulgaria offers company registrations services for Limited Liability Companies in Bulgaria.  Click on the link above for detailed explanation.

Bulgarian Business Development Consulting

Bulgarian Business Development Consulting

Registering a company in Bulgaria is the very first step when investors start their business ventures. Normally, next steps that need to be complete include:

  • Bulgarian Accounting service - proper bookkeeping is essential
  • Office selection
  • Personnel selection
  • Preparation of labor contracts
  • VAT registration
  • Banking accounts opening and online access arrangement
  • Job advertisements and interview scheduling
  • Purchase of office equipment and furniture
  • Construction and renovation works
  • More ...

Invest Bulgaria helps investors with the initial business development in Bulgaria. More Information

Bulgarian Business Trip Organization

Bulgarian Business Trip Organization

Oftentimes, investors would like to conduct preliminary business trips to Bulgaria to get familiar with Bulgaria's business potential in their industry of interest.

We will make sure that your stay in Bulgaria is as productive as possible. You will meet the right people and the right companies if you let us organize your business trip for you. Here are some of the things that we could do: 

  • Select appropriate companies and people for your program
  • Prepare and coordinate the trip's complete schedule.
  • Make accommodation arrangements, pick you up at the airport, etc.)
  • On-the-ground support services during your trip (transportation, driver, interpreter, secretarial services, communications, etc.)
  • Arrange for entertainment needs, sightseeing, and additional needs.
  • Take care of remaining issues after your departure.

More Information

Bulgarian Office Setup

Bulgarian Office Setup

If asked we could swiftly get an office up and running in Bulgaria on behalf of our customers. Specific steps that we could take are described HERE

Bulgarian Project Management

Bulgarian Investment Project Management

As investors are away, we would act as their representatives here and take care of every tiny detail of their set up operations, while staying in close daily contact.


Bulgarian Investment Advise

We provide consultations about the Bulgarian Investment Environment to investors seeking to get familiar with specific subject of interest to their businesses.


Bulgarian Market Analysis

Bulgarian Market Analysis

Market investigations, in cooperation with qualified local entities and subsequent contacts with possible distributors and/or dealers; 

Bulgarian European Union Grant Applications Service

We offer a comprehensive grant application service which includes the identification of suitable projects, completion of the application forms, business plan preparation, all paperwork preparation with the appropriate Bulgarian officials and institution and a follow-through service - seeing the application form its inception to a, hopefully, successful conclusion.


Bulgarian Translation Service

Bulgarian Translation and Interpreting

Our in-house daughter company: Bulgaria Translation is a full service Bulgarian translation firm and could easily take on any translation need in Bulgarian that you could have. Please, visit its very informative website to learn more about how we could be of assistance to you.

Bulgarian Recruitment Services

Bulgarian Personnel Selection

We will do whatever it takes to find the right people for you. Common activities that we will do for investors include: advertising in relevant newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, electronic publications and resources, interviewing, and pre-screening of candidates. In addition, we have some very good working relations with some of the leading educational institutions in the country and because of this have access to a fresh pool of graduating students. We could also assist in job related training, languages, science fields and IT related training.

Bulgarian Web Design Service

Web Design Service

Our in-house daughter company: Sofia Web Works is a full service Bulgarian web development firm and could easily make your web appearance as professional and stylish as possible. Complex software development is provided as well. Please, visit its very informative website to learn more about how we could be of assistance to you.

Bulgarian Printing Services

Bulgarian Printing Service

Our in-house daughter company: Sofia Printing is a full service Bulgarian printing firm and could easily take on any printing or corporate identity need in Bulgaria that you could have. Please, visit its very informative website to learn more about how we could be of assistance to you.

Sofia Airport Pickup

Sofia Airport Pickups

We will pick you up at Sofia Airport and take you to your Sofia destination of choice.

Sofia Airport Transferrs

Sofia Airport Transfers

We provide private transfer services to other Bulgarian destinations.

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FDI as Percent of GDP in Bulgaria
FDI as Percent of GDP in Bulgaria

Producer Price Index of Bulgaria (change %)
Producer Price Index of Bulgaria (change %)

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Did You Know?
Cost of transportation in Bulgaria
Cost of transportation in Bulgaria
A ticket for the city bus and for the subway in Sofia costs about 30 Euro cents. ... More

Lovech - the town of the lilacs. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. Founded during 4th-3rd century BC, Lovech has many museums, theaters, parks and places to rest.

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