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Famous Bulgarians
Famous Bulgarians
Alexander Alexandrov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Alexander Alexandrov

Aleksander Panayotov Aleksandrov (born December 1, 1951, Omurtag, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian cosmonaut. Aleksandrov graduated from Airforce Academy (with a doctorate degree) and reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He worked as Deputy Director, Institute of Space Research and the Academy of Science, Bulgaria. He was selected as a cosmonaut on March 1, 1978, and retired on June 17, 1988. Aleksandrov was selected as backup for Soyuz 33 and flew as Research Cosmonaut on Soyuz TM-5. Currently he [Detailed Information]

Alexander Batenberg - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Alexander Batenberg

The First Prince of modern Bulgaria In 1364, the Turks invaded Bulgaria and took Central Thrace with the important towns of Borouy (today's Stara Zagora) and Plovdiv. In 1393, Turnovo - the capital of Bulgaria, fell and in 1395 the last medieval Bulgarian ruler - tsar Ivan Shishman was killed defending the fortress of Nicopol on the Danube. In 1396 the country was completely occupied which put an end to the medieval Bulgarian state and Bulgaria entered five centuries of "darkness" under [Detailed Information]

Antoaneta Stefanova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Antoaneta Stefanova

Antoaneta Stefanova is former world chess champion from 2005. When Veselin Topalov grabbed the same title in 2005, Bulgaria became the number 1 chess country in the world, having both of the titles, something no other country has done after the fall of the Soviet Union. Antoaneta Stefanova was born on April 19, 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She received her first chess lessons from her father when she was only four years old. In 1986, at the age of six, she became Sofia champion. In 1989, she [Detailed Information]

Baba Vanga - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga (3 October 1911 - 11 August 1996) is a world renowned clairvoyant and healer from Bulgaria, was born in Strumica, Macedonia nowadays.She had the unique ability to prophet and heal people with herbs. Data shows that about 80% of the prophecies of Vanga happened. Vanga was born a premature baby, her fontanel stayed open all her life. When she was fourteen she became blind because of an accident but in her later life she was able to "see" even more than us, not only in the past but [Detailed Information]

Borislav Mihailov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Borislav Mihailov

Borislav Mihailov is a former Bulgarian football goalkeeper. Currently he is the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, and also a member of the executive committee of UEFA.He has 3 children. His son Nikolay is a goalkeeper for the Bulgarian National Team. [Detailed Information]

Boyko Borisov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Boyko Borisov

Boyko Metodiev Borisov (Bulgarian: Бойко Методиев Борисов, IPA: [ˈbɔjko mɛˈtɔdiɛf boˈrisof]; born 13 June 1959) is a Bulgarian politician who has been Prime Minister of Bulgaria since July 2009. He was Mayor of Sofia from 8 November 2005 until his appointment as Prime Minister. After his party, GERB, won the July 2009 parliamentary election, Borisov became Bulgaria's 50th Prime Minister[1][2] on 27 July 2009. source: Wikipedia [Detailed Information]

Bulgarian Dream Team 1994 - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Bulgarian Dream Team 1994

Forwards The leader of the team was undisputedly Hristo Stoichkov, an established footballer with FC Barcelona. As a left attacker/winger, Stoichkov covered a lot of ground and scored regularly in important moments. Upfront, he was helped out by former CSKA Sofia teammates L.Penev and Kostadinov. Penev, nephew of the team's coach, was the team's centre forward. With an impressive stature of over 1.90 meters, he roamed as a target man dominating in air battles. Kostadinov was a right winger, [Detailed Information]

Christo - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Christo

Christo is a famous Bulgarian Painter and installation artist. He is known as Christo but he is doing all his art with his wife Jeanne-Claude. The essence of his art is modifying the way people perceive particular space. Christo has been doing many material interventions in everyday public spaces. Christo and Jeanne-Claude's environmental projects involve elements of architecture, sculpture, painting and urban planning. Some of their most significant works of art are the wrapping of the [Detailed Information]

Dimitar Berbatov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Dimitar Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov was born on January 30, 1981 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. He is the caprain of the Bulgarian national team and is undoubtedly the best Bulgarian soccer player at the moment. Now, he plays as a striker for the English Premiership team Tottenham Hotspur. Dimitar Berbatov is one of the beast soccer players in the world; he was nominated by FIFA for the same award in 2007. He has scored 38 goals for the Bulgarian National Team, one goal more than Hristo Stoichkov. He is second in this [Detailed Information]

Dimitar Penev  - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Dimitar Penev

Dimitar Penev is former football player. He used to play to the National Team and for CSKA Sofia. He participated in 90 games for Bulgaria national football team and scored 2 goals.He is regarded as one of his country's best ever defenders. [Detailed Information]

Ekaterina Dafovska - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ekaterina Dafovska

Ekaterina Dafovska won Bulgaria's first-ever Olympic gold medal in winter Olympic Games. She was born on November 28, 1975 in Chepelare, Bulgaria. For 15 years she has been among the most influential female biathlonists in the world. She, along with Pavlina Philipova, is the main reason for biathlon to become popular in Bulgaria. When she was competing, biathlon was on TV in Bulgaria all the time. She was 22 years old on February 9, 1998 when she won the golden Olympic medal, outrunning Elena [Detailed Information]

Elias Canetti - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Elias Canetti

Bulgarian novelist and playwright whose works explore the emotions of crowds, the psychopathology of power, and the position of the individual at odds with the society around him. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981. Canetti was descended from Spanish Sephardic Jews. He wrote in German, his third language, his first two being Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) and English. He learned the latter when his parents settled in England. After his father's death in 1913, he moved with his [Detailed Information]

Emil Dimitrov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Emil Dimitrov

Emil Dimitrov is a very famous Bulgarian Singer. His most famous song is titled " My country, my Bulgaria". This song is an unofficial anthem of the country. Emil Dimitrov produced 30 albums and was an active singer for around 45 years. He died in 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. [Detailed Information]

Emil Kostadinov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Emil Kostadinov

Emil Kostadinov or "The executioner of the roosters" was born on August 12, 1967. Emil Kostadinov is yet another great Bulgarian striker, who became famous for his last-minute goal against France, which devastated the over-confident French (one minute before the commentator already celebrated and said "It's in the pocket") and qualified Bulgaria for the 1994 World Cup, thus freeing the way towards what should become the most remarkable performance ever of Bulgarian football. "God is [Detailed Information]

Georgi Asparouhov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Georgi Asparouhov

Georgi Asparuhov (Gundy) was born on May 4, 1943, and died in a car crash on June 30, 1971. The Bulgarian footballer was a center forward for FC "Levski" Sofia during 1960-1961, and 1964-1971, and for FC "Botev" Plovdiv during 1961-1963. He had 245 games and 150 goals in the master's group. He was a top scorer in the 1965 Championship with 27 goals. He was a three time country champion in 1965, 1968, 1970, as a winner of the cup of sportsmanship. He was declared for footballer No1 and [Detailed Information]

Georgi Ivanov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov

Georgi Ivanov (born July 2, 1940) was the first Bulgarian cosmonaut, and later a member of the Bulgarian National Assembly. Born in Lovech, Kakalov attended university in Sofia, earning a Ph.D. in engineering. After completing his doctorate, he joined the Bulgarian Air Force, and rose to the rank of Major General. As soon as he entered the Intercosmos programme, he had his name changed to Ivanov after discovering that "Kakalov" was an obscenity in the Russian language. After intensive [Detailed Information]

Georgi Parvanov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov

Georgi Sedefchov Parvanov (born June 28, 1957) was President of Bulgaria from 2002 to 2012. He was elected after defeating his predecessor Petar Stoyanov in the second round of the presidential election in November 2001 and he took office on January 22, 2002. Georgi Parvanov started his second presidential mandate following victory in the 2006 presidential election. Parvanov supports membership of Bulgaria in NATO and the European Union. In 2012, his second mandate finished and Rosen [Detailed Information]

Ghena Dimitrova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ghena Dimitrova

Ghena Dimitrova is one of the few dramatic sopranos of the past 30 years, belonging to that class of artists who have tackled with disarming ease the most demanding of the heavyweight roles. Her voice blends an inherent lyrical beauty, superbly sustained by the refined technique of a soprano leggero with an impressive dynamic range culminating in an intensely powerful volume. Her formidable voice puts her in a class of her own. She has developed her repertoire gradually, growing from [Detailed Information]

Goce Delchev - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Goce Delchev

Goce Delcev (1872-1903) was a 19th century revolutionary. He was the leader of the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization (IMARO) that was active in Ottoman Macedonia and Thrace at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Born on January 23, 1872 in Kukush (now Kilkis, northern Greece), Delcev finished the local junior high school and the Bulgarian high school "St Cyril and Methodius" in Thessaloniki. He entered the Military academy in Sofia in 1891 but [Detailed Information]

Grigor Dimitrov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian Tennis Player. He is the most successful Bulgarian player ever, having scored number 48 in the World Ranking on Dec. 5, 2012. Originally from Haskovo, he resides in Paris, France. [Detailed Information]

Hristo Botev - Famous Bulgarian Information - Invest Bulgaria Hristo Botev

Hristo Botev is a brilliant Bulgarian poet and revolutionary. Born in Kalofer on January 6, 1848, died a heroic death in the western part of the Bulgarian Range on June 1, 1876 as a leader of 200 rebels who had set out to die for the liberation of their enslaved Fatherland. The inscription on the granite rock by which he was killed reads: "Your prophecy has come true - you live on!" The father of Hristo Botev, Botio Petkov, a famous Bulgarian teacher and writer, raised his son in a patriotic [Detailed Information]

Hristo Stoichkov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Hristo Stoichkov

Hristo Stoichkov is the most successful Bulgarian soccer player of all time. He debuted in professional football with CSKA Sofia and was later spotted by European giant FC Barcelona. Stoitchkov earned global acclaim after winning the Spanish Primera Division four consecutive times and taking his club to Champions League glory in 1992. At World Cup 1994, Hristo Stoichkov was awarded the Golden boot as the top goal scorer of the tournament as he miraculously led his country to the semi-finals. [Detailed Information]

Iliana Raeva - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Iliana Raeva

Iliana Raeva is a former member of the Bulgarian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. She is a former World champion. Since 2008 to 2012 she was the head coach of the national team. Now, she is the President of the Gymnastics Federation. She is married to Nasko Sirakov, a former member of the Bulgarian National Football Team. [Detailed Information]

Ivan Kostov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ivan Kostov

Ivan Kostov was born in Sofia on December 23,1949. In 1974 he graduated from the Karl Marx Institute of Economics with a degree in political economics. He also graduated as an extra-mural student from the Department of Physics and Mathematics at the Kliment Oxridski University of Sofia. From 1974 to 1979 he was Assistant Professor at the Karl Marx Institute of Economics, and from 1979 until 1990 he was Senior Assistant Professor at Sofia's Technical University where in 1991 he was made [Detailed Information]

Ivan Vazov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ivan Vazov

For more than fifty years Ivan Vazov was the most prominent figure in Bulgarian literature after the liberation. He was a citizen-poet who considered the social mission of literature an organic part of the nation's life and fate. He wrote his most compelling works to glorify Bulgaria's national reawakening and to articulate the ideals of the past, lest they be forgotten by postliberation society. His view of the Bulgarian national character had an enormous impact on his people, and to this day [Detailed Information]

Ivet Lalova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ivet Lalova

Ivet Lalova is the fastest white woman on the planet. She was born on May 18, 1984 in a sports family. Her father was one of Bulgaria's fastest sprinters and he mother was also an athlete. In her career Ivet Lalova has 50 medals: 30 gold ones and 10 silvers, all of them are on 60, 100, and 200 m individual sprints. In 2003 she is rewarded "The most prospective sports person" by the foundation "Bulgarian Sport". In 2004 she is given a reward for breaking into the worldпїЅs elite. Ivet Lalova [Detailed Information]

Ivo Papazov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Ivo Papazov

Ivo Papazov, Ibryama, is a famous Bulgarian clarinetist virtuoso. He was born on February 16, 1952 in Kardjali, in a musical family. Ivo Papazov starts playing clarinet from early age and knows that he was going to do that for the rest of his life. The gifted kid soon leaves school in order to be able to concentrate on playing and making a living out of music. He started his first band (a wedding band) in 1974 and soon became the wedding king in Bulgaria. His distinctive characteristic is that [Detailed Information]

John Atanasoff - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria John Atanasoff

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the world's first electronic digital computer. It was built by John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry at Iowa State University during 1937-42. It incorporated several major innovations in computing including the use of binary arithmetic, regenerative memory, parallel processing, and separation of memory and computing functions. On October 19, 1973, US Federal Judge Earl R. Larson signed his decision following a lengthy court trial which declared the ENIAC [Detailed Information]

Krasimir Balakov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Krasimir Balakov

"Krasimir Balakov is the best play-maker in Europe", said of him Joachim Loew, trainer of Stuttgart to the Bild am Sonntag magazine in 1997. The sports media in Germany are still more generous in their praises of the 32-year old Bulgarian national football player. His class is really so high that the February attempt of the press to involve him in a conflict with the managers of his club ended by an invitation on the part of club president Meier-Vorfelder to Krasimir to hold a trainer's post in [Detailed Information]

Kubrat Pulev - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Kubrat Pulev

Kubrat Pulev is a Bulgarian undefeated professional heavyweight boxer, best known to medal repeatedly at international tournaments as an amateur, winning the gold medal in the super heavyweight division at the 2008 European Championships. He currently holds the EBU Heavyweight title and the IBF International Heavyweight title.
source: Wikipedia [Detailed Information]

Lili Ivanova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Lili Ivanova

Lili Ivanova ( born Liliana Ivanova Petrova) is the most famous Bulgarian Singer. She is referred to as the "Prima of Bulgarian Music". She is the first singer from the Balkan Peninsula to ever have a concert in the famous hall "Olympia" in Paris, France. Lili Ivanova has performed in more than 11 000 concerts and has sold more than 10 million records. So far, she has 35 recorded albums. [Detailed Information]

Magdalena Maleeva - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Magdalena Maleeva

Magdalena Maleeva is one of the most successful Bulgarian female tennis players of all times. She was born on April 1, 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In her professional career she has played 729 matches and won 439 of them. Magdalena Maleeva has entered Grand Slam tournaments 54 times and has 78 wins and 54 losses. She has accumulated 4.4 million USD from rewards in the tournaments she has played in. Maleeva has also participated in three Olympic Games: Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Athens 2004. [Detailed Information]

Maria Grozdeva -  Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Maria Grozdeva

Maria Zdravkova Grozdeva is a Bulgarian sport shooter, concentrating on both 25 metre pistol and 10 metre air pistol. She is the only woman EVER to have successfully defended 25 metre pistol title at the Olympic Games. She has five Olympic medals including two gold medals. She has also participated successfully at CISM World Championships and ISSF World Cups. [Detailed Information]

Mr. Astor - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Mr. Astor

Antranik Shavarsh Arabadjyan, known as Mr Astor, is Bulgaria's most famous illusionist. He was born on November 18, 1943 in Shumen, Bulgaria. Astor is professional illusionist since 1963. Astor is the only European to be honored with "Oscar" award for magic art (Pittsburgh, USA, 1981). The trick that won him the "Oscar" was one in which he turns a newspaper into a drink. Another one from his most famous tricks is the one in which he takes his head off and holds it in his hands. During the 1990s [Detailed Information]

Nasko Sirakov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Nasko Sirakov

Nasko Petkov Sirakov (Bulgarian: Наско Петков Сираков; born 26 April 1962) is a retired Bulgarian footballer who played mainly as a striker. Part of the Bulgarian team at the 1994 FIFA World Cup as it finished fourth, he was one of the most important footballers in the country in the 1980s/1990s, being a legend at Levski Sofia, a club he represented in four different spells. Having surpassed the 300-goal mark as a professional – he was crowned the country's top [Detailed Information]

Naum Shalamanov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Naum Shalamanov

Naum Shalamanov (also Naim Suleimanov and Naim Suleymanoglu, born January 23, 1967 at Ptichar, Bulgaria) is a Turkish World and Olympic Champion in weightlifting. He won three Olympic Championships, seven World Championships and six European Championships and improved world records 46 times. Of Turkish descent born in Bulgaria, Naim Suleimanov was a boy wonder who set his first world record in weightlifting at age 16. Due to his small stature, he was nicknamed "The Pocket Hercules". He [Detailed Information]

Neshka Robeva - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Neshka Robeva

Neshka Robeva is a former Bulgarian rhytmic gymnast, former coach of the National Bulgarian Rhytmic gymnast team and currenly a coach and owner of club "Levski". She was a head coach of the national team for 25 years and during that time, her students won in total 294 medals. She is divorced and has 1 child. [Detailed Information]

Paisii Hilendarski - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Paisii Hilendarski

Paisii Hilendarski (Paisius of Hilendar) is the father of Bulgarian renaissance, the first ideologist of the national liberation movement. The discerning monk was the first person in Bulgaria to feel the tendencies for development of the society undertakes the role to awake the national conscience by writing "Slavic - Bulgarian History ". Paisii was born in Bansko in 1722. In 1745 he went to Hilendar Monastery and accepted monasticism. In the middle of XVII century Hilendar Monasery was a [Detailed Information]

Raina Kabaivanska - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Raina Kabaivanska

Raina Kabaivanska is a Bulgarian opera singer, one of the most renowned sopranos in the second half of the 20th century. Born in Burgas under the name Raina Yakimova, she graduated Opera Singing and Piano from the Bulgarian State Academy of Music. Kabaivanska made her debut at the Bulgarian National Opera in Sofia as Tatjana in Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin in 1957. Two years later she made a breaktrhough in Italy as Nedda in Leoncavallo's Bajazzo although it was not until 1961 when [Detailed Information]

Rosen Plevneliev - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev

Rosen Asenov Plevneliev (Bulgarian: Росен Асенов Плевнелиев; born 14 May 1964) has been President of Bulgaria since January 2012. He was the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works from July 2009 to September 2011 as part of the cabinet of Boyko Borisov. In October 2011, Plevneliev was elected as President in a second round of voting; he was inaugurated on 18 January 2012.
source: Wikipedia [Detailed Information]

Sesil Karatancheva - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Sesil Karatancheva

Sesil Karatancheva is the Bulgarian wonderkid of professional tennis. She was born on August 8, 1989 in Sofia. Raised in a sports family, her father was Bulgarian National Champion in rowing and her mother was also Bulgarian National Champion, but in volleyball. Trained at the prominent tennis school of Nicholas Bollettieri, Sesil Karatancheva made her debut in professional tennis at the age of 14, in 2003. The same year she won 3 ITF (International Tennis Federation) titles, the first one in [Detailed Information]

Slavi Trifonov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Slavi Trifonov

Slavi Trifonov is a real phenomenon in the Bulgarian show business and the most important face in the Bulgarian media world. According to sociological surveys Slavi Trifonov is among the top five personalities that enjoy the highest public trust in the country. In the past his rating placed him among personalities like the President Georgi Parvanov and mega football star Hristo Stoichkov. Today his ranking is next to such sociological phenomena like the mayor of Sofia Boiko Borissov. It is [Detailed Information]

St. Cyril and St. Methodius - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria St. Cyril and St. Methodius

The creator of the Slavic alphabet and the first translator of liturgical books from Greek into Old-Bulgarian was Constantine, the Philosopher, better known by his name in religion, Cyril, adopted on his death bed. Constantine-Cyril was born in Salonika (now Thessaloniki in Greece). In 863 he and his brother Methodius were sent by the Byzantine emperor Michael III to convert the Western Slavs to Christianity and arrange that the divine service in Greater Moravia is performed in their native [Detailed Information]

Stefan Stambolov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Stefan Stambolov

"THE FIRST SIGN of true political wisdom has always been the ability to give up the unachievable," Stefan Zweig wrote. Of all post-liberation Bulgarian statesmen Stefan Stambolov seems to be the best example of the validity of this rule. He is the most enthusiastically praised and the most violently denounced politician in Bulgaria's modern history, and what could be a better proof that he was an extraordinary personality? Born in Turnovo in 1854, he made his way into political life after [Detailed Information]

Stefka Kostadinova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Stefka Kostadinova

Stefka Kostadinova is still the reigning world record holder in the women's high jump with 2.09 m which she jumped at the 1987 World Championships in Athletics in Rome. More than 20 years old, this record is one of the oldest records in athletics. Stefka Kostadinova has set 7 world records throughout her career: three outdoor records, and four indoor records. She has jumped over the psychological line of 2.00 m 197 times in her career, which is the best female achievement of all time. She [Detailed Information]

Stilyan Petrov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Stilyan Petrov

Stilyan Petrov is the Captain of the Bulgaria Football Team. He also plays for Aston Villa in the Premier League. In 2003 he won the Bulgarian Footballer of the Year award. In March 2012, he was diagnosed with acute leukeamia and he had to temporarily retire from football. In August, it was announced his leukeamia was in remission. [Detailed Information]

Sylvie Vartan - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan is a French pop-star born in Iskretz, Bulgaria on August 15, 1944. Her origins are American-Hungarian and her family lives in Sofia for a while but in 1952 they move to Paris. Sylvie is a legendary figure on the pop scene, one of the innovative people who changed the music industry. She was from the first singers to start dancing and singing at the same time. Her first husband is Johnny Holiday with whom she is known as the Golden Couple. After she divorced him in 1980, she [Detailed Information]

Theodosii Spassov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Theodosii Spassov

Theodosii Spassov is the best shepherd's flute (kaval) player in the world. A true genius with the kaval, Theodosii Spassov has left many crowds in all parts of the world speechless after his virtuoso performances. Theodosii Spassov has toured in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. He had concerts in USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Finland, Austria, Japan, Israel, India, Nepal, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. This [Detailed Information]

Todor Zhivkov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov

Born at Pravets, near Botevgrad, Bulgaria, Todor Zhivkov was First secretary of the ruling Bulgarian Communist Party's Central Committee (1954-89) and president of Bulgaria (1971-89). His 35 years as Bulgaria's ruler made him the longest-serving leader in any of the Soviet-bloc nations of eastern Europe. The son of poor peasants, Zhivkov drifted to the Bulgarian capital of Sofia in his youth and, in the late 1920s, joined the Komsomol, the youth league of the outlawed Communist Party. He rose [Detailed Information]

Trifon Ivanov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Trifon Ivanov

Trifon Ivanov is certainly along with Hristo Stoitchkov and Emil Kostadinov the symbol of this highly talented generation of football players, who transformed the Bulgarian national team into one of the most feared teams around the world. At the 1994 World Cup he was certainly one of the main characters of the Bulgarian miracle, which saw Bulgaria browse through the competition on to the semifinals after having secured their qualification by a last-minute goal against France in 1993. With his [Detailed Information]

Tzar Boris III - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Tzar Boris III

Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria (January 30, 1894 - August 28, 1943), son of Ferdinand I, came to the throne in 1918 upon the abdication of his father, following Bulgaria's defeat in World War I. This was the country's second major defeat in only five years, after the disastrous Second Balkan War (1913). Under the Treaty of Neuilly, Bulgaria was forced to cede land to its neighbors and pay crippling reparations, thereby threatening political and economic stability. Two movements, the Agrarian Union [Detailed Information]

Tzar Simeon I - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Tzar Simeon I (Simeon Veliki - Simeon The Great)

Simeon (893-927), the third son of Boris I, who came to replace his overthroned brother, received a rich legacy from his father, a legacy that gave uncountable fruit during his long reign, but - unlike most great people's descendants - he did not remain in his parent's shadow. Graduate of the brilliant Magnaur school in Constantinople, writer, philosopher and scholar, he was the favorite of both the muses and the bellicose Mars. Under his rule the Bulgarian state acquired its ever largest [Detailed Information]

Tzar Simeon II - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Tzar Simeon II

Son of King Boris III and Queen Joanna, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gothha( Tzar Simeon II, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Simeon Sakskoburggotski) was born on June 16, 1937 in Sofia, Bulgaria. On that day church bells and gun salutes echoed across Bulgaria to announce the arrival of the future king. The King and the Queen celebrated the joyous event by granting many prisoners amnesty and adding a mark to every school child's exam. A few weeks later the young prince was baptized with water flown in [Detailed Information]

Valya Balkanska - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Valya Balkanska

Valya Balkanska was born in 1942 in Lagut neighborhood situated amidst some high peaks of the Rhodope mountains. Her love for the multi-colored rugs was enriched by the songs which her mother and grandmother bequeathed her. She does not remember her father but she knows that when he was singing, the mountains were shaking. At home and at work-bee parties, she unnoticeably learned dozens of folk songs from her native place. In 1977 Carl Sagan, the American astronomer and physicist, sent the [Detailed Information]

Vasil Levski - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Vasil Levski

Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, Levski, whom the present-day Bulgarians consider their greatest national hero of all times and epochs, was born in Karlovo, a prosperous center of craft-industry in 1837. At the age of twenty four he took the vows of a deacon. The lot in store for the young Bulgarian was obviously not the one of a monk living in resignation to the world. In 1862 he fled to Serbia and enlisted as a volunteer in the Bulgarian legion raised by Rakovski. The legion took part in the [Detailed Information]

Veneta Raykova - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Veneta Raikova

Veneta Raikova is a Bulgarian journalist, currently hosting the TV show "Goreshto" on Nova TV. She was born May 2, 1974 in Popovo, Bulgaria. In 1992, at the age of 18, she became"Mini Miss Bulgaria". She is married, with one son.

[Detailed Information]

Veselin Topalov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Veselin Topalov

Veselin Topalov was born on March 15, 1975, in Rousse, Bulgaria. His father taught him his first chess lessons when Veselin was 8 years old, ever suspecting that one day his son will become the chess champion of the world. Veselin Topalov shows his great talent for first time in 1989 in Puerto Rico when he becomes chess champion of the world in the Under 14 World Championship. In 1990 he became second in the Under 16 World Championship in Singapore. After acquiring the title of Grandmaster in [Detailed Information]

Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora

Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora (The Mater), February 1882 - September 1960, is one of Bulgaria's greatest artists of all times. If there is a painter who can be called typically Bulgarian, this would be Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora. When he was fourteen he walked from Kyustendil to Sofia to enroll in the Artist School. At this school, he learned everything about painting and was nicknamed Maistora. In his art, Vladimir Dimitrov is totally devoted to Bulgaria, the Bulgarian land, agriculture, [Detailed Information]

Volen Siderov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Volen Siderov

Volen Nikolov Siderov (Bulgarian: Волен Николов Сидеров) (born 19 April 1956) is a Bulgarian politician and chairman of the nationalist party Ataka. He is famous for his hard-line attitude towards Turkey, the Islamic World, Israel, the Romani people, the EU, NATO and on some issues towards the USA. [Detailed Information]

Yordan Lechkov - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Yordan Lechkov

The Bold Magician - The Bold Genius! Bulgaria had only qualified for World Cup USA 94 by scoring a goal in the dying seconds against France in their final qualifying game, and had never won a match in the finals prior to the competition. David Ginola, whose mistake lead to the goal, never played again for France while there was little expectation from Bulgaria. Few gave us a chance against the reigning World Champions in the quarter-finals, and even fewer were backing us to win when [Detailed Information]

Yordan Yovchev - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev

Yordan Yovchev is arguably the finest men's gymnast alive. In his collection he has four gold medals from World Gysnastics Championships, four Olympic medals (one silver, and three bronze), three gold medals from European Championships and many, many others. Yordan Yovchev was born on February 24, 1973 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2006, Yordan Yovchev was officially announced as one the greatest gymnasts in the history of the sport by the International Federation. One of the most popular [Detailed Information]

Zlatiu Boyadjiev - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria Zlatiu Boyadjiev

Zlatyu Boyadjiev (1903-1976) is one of the most prominent Bulgarian artists. He is especially noted for his village portraits. From 1927 to 1932 Zlatyu Boyadjiev is studying and graduates the Art Academy in Sofia. In 1939 he goes to Italy to continue with his studies. The next years are very prolific for him and he makes a couple of exhibitions by himself or with other artists. In terms of layout, color and emotion, his paintings can be divided into two main periods: before and after he [Detailed Information]

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Bulgarian Weddings
Bulgarian Weddings
In Bulgaria, wedding bands on worn on the right hand, not the left as in the West. ... More

Lovech - the town of the lilacs. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. Founded during 4th-3rd century BC, Lovech has many museums, theaters, parks and places to rest.

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