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ZTV SA Bulgarian Electronics Company in Bourgas

ZTV SA Business Card


Bourgas, Burgas Province

8210 Kableshkovo, 2 Black Sea Str.

Tel: +359 887 271258, +359 5968 5604

ZTV SA Business Description

ZTV SA produces contacts of pure silver, silvered pseudo-metals and composites.
The forms and characteristics of the regular production are shown in draft 4 in the table.
Depending on their configuration they are:
Cylindrical bodies with flat operating surface / fig.No.1 /
Cylindrical bodies with spherical operating surface / fig.No.2 /
Rectangular bodies with flat operating surface / fig.No.3 /
rectangular bodies, spherical operating surface / fig.No.4 /
For implementing the contact jet welding of the contacts to the carriers, it is used a contact body with unified shape /fig. 5/, with flat peripheral chamfer and the non-operating surface is wavy.

Contact are made by means of technological layer for welding with flat or indented surface. ZTV produces contact and junctions with other shapes and compositions on documentation or sample.

Contact bodies of silver-cadmium oxide find their application in contactors, magnetic starters, andrelays at medium and heavy operating mode.
Contact bodies of silver-tin dioxide and silver-zinc oxide are free from cancerous substances, and may replace silver-cadmium oxide contact bodies.
Contact bodies silver-copper oxide find their application in certain types of contactors.
Contact bodies of silver - nickel find a wide application in contactors, magnetic starters and relays. Automatic breakers use a pair with silver - graphite.
Contact bodies of silver - graphite are used in asymmetrical pairs with silver-nickel for singlepole automatic breakers, and for powerful breakers - with silver-tungsten.
Contact bodies silver-tungsten / 40-50% / are used as as operating contacts, and contact bodies of silver-tungsten / 25-30% / - as arcextinguishing contacts for powerful breaks.

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