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Lesi-2000 Co. Ltd. Security Systems Company in Plovdiv

Lesi-2000 Co. Ltd. Business Card

Lesi-2000 Co. Ltd.

Construction Security Systems
Plovdiv, Plovdiv Province
Lesi-2000 Co. Ltd.

39, "Hristo Botev" Blvd.

Tel: +359 32 642 742
Fax: +359 32 644 844

Lesi-2000 Co. Ltd. Business Description

The production of “Lesi” firm includes: car alarms, alarms for TIR; immobilizers, home alarm systems, systems for GPS (Valcor GPS), dialers for home systems, SOT systems (Valcor SOT), modules with remote control (for garage doors and panic buttons), modules for electric glasses control, locking systems and many other, as well as all kind of non-standard electronics.

The alarm systems are separated in classes not according to the quality of workmanship, which is equally for all systems, but according to the security level, which they provide. Because of this reason in the moment we have 4 trade marks – “Crotal” and “Varan” for low security level, “Cerber” for middle security level and “Valcor” for the high level. The “Varan” and “Cerber” alarms systems are with standard random code. “Valcor” alarm systems are with random code, where the algorithm for generation of a new code is our author's development and each remote control has its unique algorithm. This makes the alarm's disarming in practice impossible. In 2005 year completely new models security systems from “Valcor” series come into production and sell. A new dynamic algorithm for changing the code is developed, which has bigger functional possibilities and keep its old price. The scheme decision of all models is consistent with the requirements for “stun gun” defense. The software possibilities of all models are huge and the cover all extras. Our firm is open for all kind of proposals.

All of our products are tested, have certificate for quality and fulfill all Bulgarian standards and they are compatible with international standard 1999/5/EU, annex IV.

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