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Chepelare - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Chepelare - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information
Chepelare - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Chepelare is a picturesque winter ski resort, situated in Rhodopi Mountains. It as only 10 km away from the other popular ski resort in the region Pamporovo, 260 km from the capital Sofia, and 75 km south of Plovdiv. The town is the native place of one of the most famous sport persons in Bulgaria – the first and only golden medalist from Winter Olympic Games (Nagano 1998) – Ekaterina Dafovska. She won the biathlon gold medal in 15 km women’s Individual sprint.

The town is nestled in the beautiful valley of the Chepelare River, at the heart of Rhodopi Mountains, 1150 m above sea level. Chepelare is yet to be developed, at the present the resort offers all the basic conditions for skiing, which are perfectly maintained. The resort has 11.4 km of ski runs and the longest ski track in the region, Mechi Chal 2 – 5200 m. The other ski track, Mechi Chal 1, is certified and can be used for International Competitions. Biathlon is traditional for the town and there is a 5 km long biathlon track. There are also 30 km of cross-country tracks in the region. The ski center is equipped with lifts. The climate in Chepelare is mild; there are more than 270 sunny days per year. The thickness of the snow cover is usually around 80 cm and stays around 100 days.

There are a lot of cultural monuments in the town – 40 churches and 80 chapels, some of them have been declared of national significance. From the most prominent ones are an Ancient Thracian Settlement, the Fortress Tsirikova Church, and the historical home of Dicho Petrov. Besides skiing, one can also visit museums and hike in the region. An interesting thing about the town is that it provides horseback riding and gives horseback riding diplomas. The only speleological museum on the Balkan Peninsula is in Chepelare. The town is a member of the 100 Tourist National Sites of Bulgaria. The unique geographical phenomenons, the Bridges of Wonder, situated on the ridge of Chernatitsa Hill, are a very popular tourist destination in Bulgaria. The Bridges of Wonder are natural rock arches and are believed to have formed because of an earthquake.

The resort is a magic combination of sea breeze and forest freshness where anyone can spend a holiday according to his own ideas and requirements. For thousands of years, people have lived in harmony with the mountain in Chepelare. The local people have managed to preserve the nature and its beauties untouched and unspoilt.

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