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Boyana Church - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information - Invest Bulgaria Boyana Church

During the Middle Ages the strong Bulgarian fortress of Boyana (Batil) stood on the lower slopes of Mount Vitosha in what is now the Sofia suburb of Boyana. This name is mentioned for the firs time in 969. Boyana was one of the thirty-five fortresses and settlements, which formed the fortification systems of the city of Sredets (Sofia). The Boyana Church was build within the fortress and is a magnificent example of medieval architecture and monumental art. The Boyana Church is about 900 [Detailed Information]

Kazanluk Thracian Tomb - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information Kazanluk Thracian Tomb

4th-3rd century BC.

A Thracian beehive tomb from the Hellenistic period, containing extremely valuable murals.

The tomb consists of a square antechamber, narrow passage and tomb vault with a beautiful frieze depicting three racing chariots and an exceptionally vivid scene of a funeral feast. The best preserved monument of Thracian art from that period.

Located near the town of Kazanluk in the Valley of Roses.
[Detailed Information]

Nessebur - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information - Invest Bulgaria Nessebur

Nessebar is situated on a small peninsula built by rocks and linked with the mainland by a narrow 400 m long isthmus. This is a unique natural configuration for the whole European coastline. A port in Thracian times, at the end of the 6th century B.C. the Dorian Greeks turned it into a lively trade center while preserving its Thracian name of Mesambria. Some of the finest achievements of mediaeval church architecture are preserved here. The ancient fortress wall, the town's churches with [Detailed Information]

Pirin National Park - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information Pirin National Park

It lies in the highest part of the Pirin Mountain. Forests cover 60% of its total area. Trees between 280 and 1000 years old have been declared natural sites, the oldest one being the 16 meter high Baikousheva white fir which is 1200 years of age. The Pirin National Park has exceptionally rich and varied flora and fauna. This is the kingdom of alpine flowers. The Pirin edelweiss, the best known of them, grows on sheer rocks leading to Mount Vihren (2914 m). Glacier lakes, caves, [Detailed Information]

Rila Monastery - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information Rila Monastery

First founded in the 10th century,, its present-day appearance dating from the mid-19th century. The most famous monument of Bulgarian architecture and culture from the National Revival period (the early Renaissance). The greatest Bulgarian monastery with exquisite architecture, fantastic wall paintings, brilliant iconostasis, a rich collection of icons and old manuscripts and a magnificent masterpiece of the Renaissance - a wooden cross with 140 microscopic Biblical scenes featuring more [Detailed Information]

Sreburna Wildlife Reserve - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information Sreburna Wildlife Reserve

A shallow lake near the Danube river, one of the most interesting and typical wetlands in Europe, abounding in an amazing diversity of plant varieties and animal species.

Almost half of all Bulgarian birds nest here.

Located close to the town of Silistra, NE Bulgaria.
[Detailed Information]

Sveshtari Thracian Tomb - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information Sveshtari Thracian Tomb

First half of the 3rd century BC.

A Thracian-Hellenistic tomb made of cut stone blocks and depicting ritual scenes. The wide frieze of stone panels adorned with ten female figures is an unusual sculptural composition.

Unearthed near the village of Sveshtari, Razgrad region, NE Bulgaria.
[Detailed Information]

Madara Horseman - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information - Invest Bulgaria The Madara Horseman

Early 7th century AD. An expressive bas-relief, carved high out of the sheer rock, and depicting a horseman spearing a lion. It symbolizes greatness of the ruler and the power of his state. Europe's only rock relief dating from the early Middle Ages. Located 20 km from the town of Shumen, NE Bulgaria. An unusual place - a plateau rises in the middle of a plain which, when viewed from the west, resembles a petrified waterfall. At a height of 23 meters the figure of a horseman has been hewn [Detailed Information]

Rock Churches - Bulgarian UNESCO Protected Site Information - Invest Bulgaria The Rock Churches

Dating from the Middle Ages. Several medieval churches, chapels and monastic cells have been dug into the rocks flanking a scenic river valley. Located at a height of 6 to 8 meters, the cells were inhabited by monks until the 17th century. Chronicles of the preserved church murals show that the community of hermits also created a blossoming literary center during the 13th-14th century. The Archangel Church built in the 14th century is the best preserved. The 13th and 14th century [Detailed Information]

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Pazardjik is situated in South Bulgaria, in the central part of the Higher Thrace valley, on the north of the Rhodope mountain, at the two banks of river Maritsa. The both sides of the river Maritsa and its feeders have been formed to a low, but not widely flowed ledge. Here are the best alluvial soils of the field.

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