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Bulgarian Textile Sector

The Bulgarian Textile Sector

Sector Overview

The textile and clothing sector has become one of the Bulgaria's most competitive industries in recent years with considerable investment, and export and employment opportunities. Bulgaria is number 1 in Eastern Europe in textile exports to the United States.
Invest Bulgaria through its daughter web portal Bulgarian Textile, has set as a top priority the development and management of relationships between leading international textile companies and the local fashion industry.

The Bulgarian textile sector is very attractive for foreign investors. Some of the regional advantages that Bulgaria offers include:

  1. Long lasting traditions in textile and clothing manufacturing
  2. World class quality and reasonable prices
  3. Average monthly wage in textile and clothing is in the range of 100-200 Euros per month
  4. Many companies are working on CM and CMT basis with foreign partners, thus constantly improving their expertise and the quality of their services.
  5. Annual growth in the Bulgarian Textile market has been 15-20 percent mainly driven by foreign investment, with Greece, Italy and Germany being by far the most active investors.

With European Union entry in 2007 confirmed and a significant cost advantage, Bulgaria has become a very attractive investment location for international textile companies. Working with Bulgarian partners is very beneficial to the foreign firms, as they discover great cost savings, without seeing deterioration in quality

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Partner with Bulgarian manufactures

Bulgarian Textile provides complete information and support to foreign companies willing to invest in the Bulgarian textile sector or looking to build a joint-venture with Bulgarian fashion producers. Bulgarian Textile is  the complete directory of the Bulgarian textile sector on the web. This portal serves as a bridge between the foreign textile community and the Bulgarian textile companies. Bulgarian textile businesses use our pages to present their trade and investment proposition to the world textile audience.

We invite you to consider options for collaborating with the Bulgarian textile sector. 

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