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The Bulgarian Software Development Sector

Sector Overview

The development of the IT & Software industry is part of the key priorities of the government. It has stable growth of around 30% per year. Bulgaria ranks 3rd in world for certified IT professionals per capita and 8th in the world in terms of absolute numbers. Among key advantages of the industry is highly qualified workforce , competitive pricing, many talented youngsters majoring in IT and long traditions. Positive factors for the continual growth and stable development of the industry are the strategic geographic location and stable political and macroeconomic environment.

Some years ago Bulgaria was recognized as the "Soviet Silicon Valley" - a center that for many decades supplied hardware and software to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Over the last decade, Bulgarian software specialists have gained a worldwide reputation of talent and competence. The number of Bulgarian developers working successfully in the international IT industry demonstrates the dynamism and potential of the Bulgarian software sector. Subsidized during the communism era, this sector is currently booming despite the major difficulties which Bulgaria is experiencing in its painful transition to capitalism. Thus, the professional field of information technologies is becoming ever more attractive to Bulgaria's young generation, especially among college and university students.

Great Cost Benefits

Quality Bulgarian programmers and developer are still making considerably less than their European or American counterparts

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Traditionally Strong Education

English is the principal language for the transaction of business. About 15% of the Bulgarian population speaks English.

Invest Bulgaria Fact Sheet - ICT related education in Bulgaria

Language Skills in Bulgaria

English is the principal language for the transaction of business. About 15% of the Bulgarian population speaks English.

Bulgarian Workforce Availability

Bulgaria's workforce is known for its high quality and competitive labor cost. Bulgaria ranks 2nd in international IQ tests (MENSA International). There are many very talented programmers and developers. Young graduates in today's Bulgarian workforce are smart, intelligent and responsive. Their strengths combined with the high standards of education and specialization they get is real treasure for the development of National IT businesses. As prime example: the Bulgarian entry in the International Olympiad in Informatics in Seoul in August 2002 brought home four awards and 1st place in Tokyo math Olympics 2003.

Reliability and Security

The work force is highly reliable and can deliver world-class quality and ensure rapid delivery of service.

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Bulgarian IT Infrastructure

The Bulgarian digital infrastructure has been developing rapidly and is currently providing nationwide and reliable support for the development of the ICT sector.

Invest Bulgaria Fact Sheet - Digital infrastructure of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Time Zone

Time Zone of Bulgaria

A virtual 7-hour time zone difference with the USA and and 1-hour difference from Europe is beneficial for around the clock software development services.


Bulgarian Software Development Sector Company Directory

Bulgarian Software Development Sector Company Directory

Browse our own business directory of the Bulgarian Software Development Sector sector.

Online directory of the Bulgarian Software Development Sector

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