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Bulgarian Employment Legislation
Bulgarian Employment Legislation
Bulgarian Employment Promotion Act - Invest Bulgarian Employment Promotion Act

This Act regulates social relations upon:
1. promotion and support of employment;
2. vocational information and consultation and the vocational training of unemployed and employed persons;
3. intermediation for furnishing information and placement of Bulgarian citizens abroad and of Bulgarian and foreign citizens in the Republic of Bulgaria. [FULL TEXT]

Bulgarian Employment Strategy 2004 - 2010 Bulgarian Employment Strategy 2004 - 2010

The employment strategy is an essential document setting the tasks and channeling the efforts of the government institutions, employer organizations, trade unions, non-government organizations, etc. towards enhancing the labor force participation and labor potential of the population. The implementation of this goal is a milestone on the road to achieving the major objective in the economic development of the country, namely – improving the welfare of all social groups.

Bulgarian Labor Code - Invest Bulgarian Labor Code

This Code regulates the labour relationships between the employee and the employer, as well as other relationships immediately related to them.

Vocational Education and Training Act - Invest Bulgarian Vocational Education and Training Act

This Act shall regulate the social relations in connection with: 1. ensuring the right to vocational education and training of the citizens according to their personal interests and possibilities; 2. meeting the needs for qualified manpower which is competitive on the labour market; 3. providing conditions for functioning and development of the system of vocational education and training based on cooperation between its institutions and the bodies of the executive power and the local [FULL TEXT]

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