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Bulgarian Custom's Formalities and Limitations

Bulgarian Custom's Formalities and Limitations

Bulgarian Custom's Formalities and Limitations


General Information

Upon crossing the state borderline of the Republic of Bulgaria passengers may import and export commodities that in type, quantities, and value are not of a commercial nature. These do not include objects the passenger carry for personal use and consumption objects.

Passengers have the right to import at no custom duty or import fees the objects necessary to the foreign individuals for their stay in the country, which in their type and quantity correspond to both purpose and the duration of their stay, as well as consumption objects:

  • tobacco products (passengers over 16 years of age) - cigarettes - 200 items, or other tobacco products - 250 gr.;

  • Alcoholic beverages (passengers over 16 years of age) - wine - 2 litres, and alcoholic liquors - 1 litre;

  • other drinks: coffee - 500 gr., or coffee extract - 200 gr., tea - 100 gr.., or tea extract - 40 gr.;

  • perfumes - 50 ml. and toilet water - 0, 250 ml.

  • Passengers who are under full 16 years of age are not entitled to duty-free import of the commodities listed above, except for medications.

Passenger older than 16 can import duty-free commodities acquired abroad other than the listed above at a total value up to US$ 100 or the equivalent in other currency units. For passengers under 16 the duty-free import rate for commodities acquired abroad is US$ 50 or their equivalent in other currency units.

Personal use objects, new and used, which a passenger may normally need during one's trip, taking into account all circumstances of the travel, are placed under the regime of temporary import with a full exemption of all customs dues. Re-exporting personal belongings cannot take place later than the moment when the natural person who has imported them is leaving the customs territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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