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Bulgarian Business Trip

Invest Bulgaria - Bulgarian Business Trip Service

Bulgarian Business Trip Organization

Service description

Our business trip preparation and execution service is designed for companies taking the first steps toward the implementation of their Bulgarian projects or to business professionals coming to explore the Bulgarian investment proposition on the ground.

We assist them to get the best out of their business visit.

  1. Initial analysis of the investor's objectives.

  2. The business trip is being carefully organized given the objectives of the visitors.

  3. We make all needed arrangement before hand.

  4. We accompany the visitors during the visit, assisting them with interpreting, introductions, and everything else.

  5. After trip follow up, summary, and preparation of an action plan for next steps.

Bulgarian Car Rental Service

Car Rental Service

For trips that require extensive traveling across Bulgaria investors usually demand a quality car rental service. Invest Bulgaria will make all arrangements for its clients.

Sofia Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup Service

Many investors have never been to Bulgaria before and find in difficult to get around during their initial visits. We always pick up our clients at the airport and accompany them to their hotels.

Hotel Arrangements

Rooms/apartments are booked well in advance and comfortably fit the business trip schedule.

Bulgarian Translation Service

Translation & Interpreting Service

We will provide professional Bulgarian-English translation and interpreting throughout the entire business visit.

Bulgarian Business Meeting Arrangements

Meeting Arrangements

Given preliminary objectives we will arrange a productive series of meeting in the course of the business trip. If for example, an investors is seeking to establish a software development outlet in Bulgaria, then the initial visit meetings could include:

  • Meetings with carefully selected local software companies that match investor's specifications

  • Office location meetings - 3-4 office possibilities.

  • Meetings with the educational institutions.

  • Meetings with broadband delivery companies.

  • Meetings with a pre-screened number accounting firms.

  • Other meetings hardware suppliers, furniture makers, and more

Spare Time Arrangements

Bulgaria has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and places to go. Entertainment and nightlife options in Sofia and most other major resorts and cities are abundant. We will do our best to help visitors in their planning of a pleasant spare time in Bulgaria. 

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Capital and Financial Account of Bulgaria

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Did You Know?
Bulgaria is a space nation
Bulgaria is a space nation
Bulgaria is a space nation: Two Bulgarians have flown in space already ... More

Bulgaria has a culture and tradition dating back for 1300 years. Bulgarians are proud of their heritage and feel that it rightfully deserves its place in the diversity of European cultures. Bulgaria has rich and unique folklore - distinctive music and dances, rituals and tales.

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