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"Mila Rodino" (Dear Motherland), lyrics by Tsvetan Radoslavov.

Lyrics - "Mila Rodino"
Gorda Stara planina, do nei Dunava sinei,
sluntse Trakiya ogryava, nad Pirina plamenei.

Mila Rodino, ti si zemen rai,
tvoita hubost, tvoita prelest, ah, te niyamat krai

Padnaha bortsi bezchet za naroda nash lyubim,
maiko, dai ni muzhka sila putya im da produlzhim.

Stately Stara Planina, next to it the Danube blue, shining upon Trakiya, the sun burns over Pirin. Chorus: Dear motherland, you are paradise on earth, your beauty and your charm, ah, they have no bounds. Countless fighters gave thier lives for our beloved people. Mother, give us manly strength to carry on their course.

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