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Bourgas University - Prof.Dr.Asen Zlatarov
Bourgas University - Prof.Dr.Asen Zlatarov - Bourgas
Bourgas University - Prof.Dr.Asen Zlatarov

Bourgas Prof. Assen Zlatarov University is a state institution, founded in 1963 as Higher Institute of Chemical Technology. It was transformed into Bourgas Prof. Assen Zlatarov University in 1995.

Students are trained in 27 subjects in 3 faculties and 3 colleges and obtain Specialist (3 years of study), Bachelor (4 years of study), Master (5 years of study) and PhD (3 years of study after Master) degrees.

A staff of high skilled professionals works in the University, including 86 professors and 120 PhDs. The University has a foreign students training section, a postgraduate qualification department and research centres.

The University has at its disposal 2 teaching corps, 3 students hostels, 1 gym, 1 canteen and a medical centre. The university library has over 160 000 volumes in different languages.


Departments - Organic chemical technologies, Technology of inorganic substances and silicates, Chemical engineering, Water technology, Material science and technology, Biotechnologies, Basic chemical technology
Specialties - Organic chemical technologies, Inorganic chemical technologies, Chemical engineering, Material science and technology, Biotechnologies
Professional qualification - Chemical Engineer, Biotechnologist Engineer, Technologist Engineer


Departments - Economics and management, Marketing and accountancy, Production technologies, Computer and information technologies, Pedagogy and psychology, Social and natural sciences, Bulgarian language
Specialties - Business management, Marketing, Industrial management, Tourism, Social pedagogy, Psychology, Pre-school and primary school pedagogy, Primary school pedagogy and foreign language, Pre-school pedagogy and foreign language


Departments - Analytical chemistry, Ecology and protection of the environment, Mathematics, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physics, Physical chemistry
Specialties - Ecology and protection of the environment, Chemistry

University website: Bourgas University - Prof.Dr.Asen Zlatarov

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