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Bourgas - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria
Bourgas - City and District Information
Bourgas - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria

Bourgas Basic Data

City Population: 203,420
District Population: 423,622
Area size: 7,748.6 square km.
Places of interest: Bourgas, Karnobat, Aitos, Malko Tarnovo, Nessebar, Sozopol, Pomorie, Primorsko, Sunny Beach, Dyuni, Elenite, Obzor

Bourgas General Information
The Bourgas region is one of the most developed regions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the second largest in area (next to the Sofia region) and the fourth most populated region of the country. It is bordered by Varna, Shoumen, Sliven and Yambol districts.

Bourgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, situated in the south-eastern part of the country. The climate here is temperately continental with a distinct impact from the Black Sea. The town is an industrial centre too. It's not famous as a beach resort (although few beaches you can find), but more as a turning point to the big southern Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria like Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sozopol, Dyuni, Elenite, etc. The Airport of Bourgas is the one where the international flights land in the summer.

The distance from the capital Sofia is 30 min by plane and 4 h by car, now that the Trakya Highway is almost complete.

The density of the population is 55.8 people per square m, considerably below the average of 70 people per square m. There has been a steady decrease of 3.03% of the population of the region, which is common for Bulgaria. In terms of the age of the population, the common tendency for the country is that the portion of people 65 years old or more is growing up, while the portion of children 15 years old or less is going down – a proof of the fact that the nation is getting old. The Bulgarian ethnic group accounts for 77.8 % of the population, 10.2 % are Turks, 7% Roma population and the rest 5 % are Armenians, Jews, Russians and others. The average annual temperatures are 13 C. Rainfall accounts for 515 mm per square m.

The Port of Bourgas is the biggest sea port in the country. More than 70% of the imports/exports go through the port of Bourgas. A Duty Free Zone was established in 1989 with the objective to create most attractive conditions for foreign investors. The favorable geographical location and advanced transport infrastructure of Bourgas are good prerequisites for development of tourism and trade. Bourgas is not only an important industrial centre in the country, it has also considerable resources for tourism. What attracts people here mostly is undoubtedly the sea. Art and culture, together with propagation of cultural values is fostered by 7 state-owned and 11 municipal institutes. On the territory of Bourgas municipality there are 2 universities and 4 colleges comprising more than 6200 Bulgarian and foreign students. Bourgas is not only an important industrial centre in the country, it has also considerable resources for tourism. What attracts people here mostly is undoubtedly the sea. The city is a starting point for visiting the seaside resorts in the area - The Sunny Beach resort and The Elenite holiday village to the north and The Dyuni holiday village, renowned for its unique architectural composition, to the south. Bourgas is the largest city in Southeastern Bulgaria. It spreads on four terraces near the Bourgas creek. Bourgas is a town without running rivers. The surrounding lakes take in water from the rivers Aitoska, Russokastrenska, Sredetska and Fakiiska. Port Bourgas is the biggest Bulgarian sea port. The amazing combination of sea, sun and virgin nature make Bourgas a favourite spot for many holiday makers.

The artistic spirit of the local people adds up to the unique atmosphere of peace and isolation from the hectic city life. Only Bourgas enables you to enjoy the breathtaking folklore show of the Balkan countries in the International folklore festival; the rich variety of colours and odours in the annual National exhibition FLORA - Bourgas excite every citizen and visitor of the town.

The event is held under the motto "Nature - Man - Harmony"; in no other place, but Bourgas one can feel the rhythm and enjoy the dances of the International contest for standard and Latin and American dances; only Bourgas will give you a warm welcome - hospitality and kindness of the southerners are deeply moving; the emotional Bourgas nights will remain a never-to-be-forgotten experience; no other spot of Bulgaria is so close to sea and its romantic atmosphere as Bourgas. The Old Bridge - the symbol of the city - keeps not a single secret of young and old.

The Bourgas region as a crossway of nations and cultures has a centuries-old history. There are many architectural and archeological relics of Thracian times /the Pomorie Tomb/, of Roman and Byzantine times /fortified walls, Roman baths/, historical monuments from the first and second Bulgarian state, architectural and ethnographic places of interest from the National Renaissance - museum towns Nessebar, Zheravna, Sozopol etc. Another group of anthropological tourism resources are the religious objects- Christian churches, monasteries, museums.

Bourgas Economy
Bourgas region contributes 5.35 % of the GDP of the country. The registered unemployment is less than 10 %, which is less than the country’s average. It is low in the city and high in the small towns and the villages.

1. Tourism - The geographical location of the Bourgas region is favorable for the development of sea recreational tourism. The main tourist season is the summer. The air and water temperatures, the big number of sunny days and the low level of rainfalls facilitate the open-air recreation for 4 months - from June to September. The Black Sea is not polluted in comparison to other European sea basins and the water is not so salty. There are no dangerous animals and plants. There are thermal mineral springs at various temperature and chemical composition in the region, which are of balneological and sea tourism importance. The Black Sea on the one hand and the southern part of the region, which is occupied by the low bordermountains - Strandja, Dervenski Hills and Sakar mountain, on the other hand, are attractive for many tourists every year. Other interesting tourist sights are the Ropotamo River and Arkutino reserve. The biggest tourist complex is Sunny beach, and the modern holiday villages are Elenite and Dyuni.
2. Petrochemical industry and petroleum refining
3. Metallurgy
4. Transport machine - building
5. Food, wine and tobacco industry
6. Tailoring / textile industry
7. Mining industry
8. Woodworking industry
9. Unique industrial productions for Bulgaria:
• dark and light petroleum products;
• chemical fibres;
• plastics and other chemical products;
• shipbuilding;
• ventilation and purifying equipments;
• goods waggons;
• fish-canning industry etc.

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