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Bojentsi - Famous Bulgarian Town Information - Invest Bulgaria
Bojentsi - Famous Bulgarian Town Information

Nestled in the middle of Balkan Mountains, 16 km from Gabrovo, Bojentsi is one of the most famous Bulgarian villages. The village is architectural-historical reserve, a member of the 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. The village is more than 600 years old according to the legend. A noblewoman named Bozhana brought her family from the capital of that time Veliko Tarnovo to the Balkan looking for protection and in search of a better life. In the middle of XVII century there are only 24 houses in Bojentsi but at the end of XIX century the village has 110 houses and is already an administrative, trade and spiritual center. After Bulgaria is freed in 1878 the country starts to develop economically and as a part of the urbanization process, the people who lived there start migrating to the bigger towns, leaving their old houses, not suspecting that in 1964 the village will be turned into an architectural reserve. Nowadays there are few old people (around 50) who live in Bojentsi, but they do not feel lonely at all. This is because the village is very popular tourist destination and thousands of people go there to one with the Bulgarian history and culture from the mediaeval times. Bojentsi is extremely rich in tourist attractions, some of which are accommodation in houses from the Bulgarian Revival Period. Other attractions include many museums where authentic tools, folklore costumes, workshops and all kinds of objects connected with traditional Bulgarian customs can be seen. The blacksmith, woodwork and woodcarving professions are developed in Bojentsi in at the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries. There is a big heritage of agricultural tools, candlesticks, fire-places, chairs, closets and many different wares made by the craftsmen of that time. The women from Bojentsi are particularly famous for looming abilities. In the museums in Bojentsi can be seen authentic carpets, pillows, towels, bags, rugs, etc. The village gave protection to many families looking to escape when Bulgaria was under Ottoman Yoke. After the country is freed though, the people from Bojentsi leave back to their original places, leaving their houses to be restored and their village announced for one of Bulgaria’s most valuable historical and cultural landmarks.

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