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Bankya - Famous Bulgarian Town Information

The small picturesque town of Bankya is a world-famous spa resort, situated amidst greenery and sunshine, 17 km west from Sofia at the fеетt of Lulin Mountain. What best characterizes the town are the climate, the healing virtues of the mineral waters, the well-organized sanatorium and resort accommodation, the highly skilled medical specialists, as well as the numerous patients that have recovered after cardiovascular disorders or insults.

Bankya Beach has modern swimming pools with mineral water. The climate in Bankya is temperate continental with gentle mountain breeze, rich in negative ions and phonoceds. The average annual air temperature is 9.4 C (the average temperature for January being -2 C, and 19.6 C for July). The summer is fresh and cool; the autumn is mild and sunny, while the winter is temperately cold. The mineral waters are colorless and warm, slightly mineralized and hypothermal, with temperatures of 36.5 – 37 C and total flow of 24 l/sec. These climatic conditions are favorable both for a year-round treatment, and general prophylactics or strengthening of the human organism.

Today, the town of Bankya is a prestigious National Center for rehabilitation of people suffering from cardiovascular and nerve system disorders and disorders in the metabolism. Bankya is also an international resort and has at its disposal many highly skilled diagnosticians. It provides an excellent infrastructure for tourism, recreation and medical treatment, as well as numerous opportunities for entertainment. There are two medical spa centers, hydrothermal pools and modern sanatoriums, mineral beach, tennis–complex, National hippodrome, etc. There are also numerous historical places of interest, churches, cozy hotels and restaurants able to satisfy every taste.

The first settlers on the territory of Bankya were the Thracians, who came to live here 2500 years ago. Excavations near the area of Verdical revealed remnants from Roman buildings and walls, sewerage system and many bronze bracelets dating back to IV – V century B.C. Written documents certifying the existence of the town of Bankya are found in a Turkish tax register from XV century. In the year of 1969, Bankya was proclaimed a town, and in 1979 it became part of the capital Sofia. Other interesting, historical places to see are the church “St. St. Kiriak and Julita” and the”St. Petka” Monastery. The Divotinski Monastery is only 20 km away.

Annualy over 140 000 bulgarian and foreigner tourists visit Bankya.

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