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Baba Vanga - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria
Baba Vanga - Famous Bulgarians Information
Baba Vanga - Famous Bulgarians Information - Invest Bulgaria

Baba Vanga (3 October 1911 - 11 August 1996) is a world renowned clairvoyant and healer from Bulgaria, was born in Strumica, Macedonia nowadays.She had the unique ability to prophet and heal people with herbs. Data shows that about 80% of the prophecies of Vanga happened. Vanga was born a premature baby, her fontanel stayed open all her life. When she was fourteen she became blind because of an accident but in her later life she was able to "see" even more than us, not only in the past but also in the future. She spent most of her life in Rupite area, Petrich; her home is a popular tourist destination now.

She became well popular for her abilities before World War two when she was able to predict who of the soldiers was still alive and when he was about to come back. She was very accurate at these predictions during wartime and always had people going to see her in her house. Her fame spread really quickly throughout Bulgaria and she was visited by King Boris III. Vanga told him to remember the date August 28. A couple of years later, in 1943, he died on that date. A lot of people have exaggerated about her abilities describing them as "biblical wonders". The important thing was that she was acknowledged by the ordinary people who were looking for her support and protection every day. She was godmother to countless number of kids and sponsor at many weddings. Vanga said that she could see people's lives like on a reel. At the beginning of her life as a clairvoyant a lot of people did not believe her but after they saw that she was right in her predictions she was even used by the police to solve cases. She was absolutely acknowledged by the government who even put security at her home. Vanga was visited incognito by all the political leaders in Bulgaria and by many different famous people, cultural figures, etc. She was also visited by many Russians, that is why she is extremely popular in Russia, there are over one hundred books about her published in Russia. In 1994, she needed a temple next to her house and St Petka of Bulgaria was built. The temple is a popular tourist destination nowadays.

On August 3, 1996, Vanga was sent to the Governmental Hospital in vary bad condition. For the next one week, her last one, Vanga and her physical condition were the major news in the country. Every single newspaper and magazine in Bulgaria published articles about her. Vanga has had breast cancer for a couple of years, but the cause of her death was exhaustion and dehydration. She was taking endless care for people from all over the world for more than 55 years, even at her last moments. People say that Vanga's last words were "Do not quarrel with each other, love each other, you are all my children" Many people could not believe she was mortal. More than 15,000 people went to her funeral including the president Zhelyu Zhelev and the future president Petur Stoyanov. World's biggest information agencies, France Press, Reuters, BBC had sent journalists to report the funeral of this great Bulgarian woman.

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