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Ahtopol - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Ahtopol - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Ahtopol - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Ahtopol is located 87 km southeast of Bourgas, 14 km south of Tsarevo and 5 km north of the mouth of Valeka river and Sinemoretz. The resort lies on a rocky peninsula in the lower lands of Strandja Mountain. In Ahtopol, the sun rays last longer than in any other place on the sea coast which results in higher average water temperature - about 25 єC. The coastline covered with fine pure sand is 2km long. Ahtopol is a great place for people looking for a calm and relaxing vacation. The town is developing into a beautiful resort, which attracts many investments interested in the new town planning. In Ahtopol one can find calmness and peace in the cozy hotels and private residences and relieve himself from the stress and anxiety of the everyday life. There are many little restaurants, pubs, and fast food places that offer both traditional Bulgarian meals, and innovative European dishes. There are many different lodging everywhere in Ahtopol, from cheap bungalows to deluxe hotels and private houses.
The town lies on the site of an ancient Thracian settlement, with the earliest traces of human settlement dating to the Neolithic era. It was probably colonized by the Ancient Greeks around 430 BC. The Romans called it Peronticus, while the Byzantine leader Agathon reconstructed the town after barbarian invasions and possibly gave it his own name, Agathopolis. According to other sources, it was named Agathopolis as early as 323 BC. In the Middle Ages, the town frequently changed hands between the Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarian Empire. Medieval sources mention Ahtopol as a lively merchant port where many Byzantine, Italian and other ships arrived. With the invasion of the Ottoman troops at the end of the 14th century, the town was called Ahtenbolu. The town ultimately fell under Ottoman rule as late as 1453. An Ottoman tax register of 1498 lists 158 Christian families in Ahtopol, most of which have Greek names but others evidently Slavic (Bulgarian). In 1898, Ahtopol was a town of 410 houses, of which 300 Greek and 110 Bulgarian. In the 19th century, it was still a thriving centre of fishery and overseas trade, with many locals owning their own ships and selling goods all around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Viticulture was also well-developed. Ahtopol has been burnt down and devastated by sea pirates (often the Caucasian Lazi) many times, with the most recent fire being in 1918, when the town was almost destroyed. Remains of the town's fortress (reaching up to 8 m in height and 3.5 m in width), the 12th-century monastery of St Yani and a fountain with a carved horseman are the only traces left from ancient times. Another landmark is the Church of the Ascension from 1796. After the Balkan Wars, when the area was ceded to Bulgaria by the Ottoman Empire, the town's predominantly Greek population gradually moved to Greece and was replaced by Bulgarian refugees, mostly from Eastern Thrace, specifically Bunarhisar (150 families).
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